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About Sarah

Before we get down to the basics of how I work, let’s talk a little about me. I am a Spiritual Realist, in other words, I specialize in the integration of a Spiritual practice into your busy life. I have helped hundreds of people bring about significant changes in their lives through this integration. I draw on over 14 years of experience in alternative therapies to create an honest and nourishing environment to learn and expand the physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual connections. 

It is this experience that brings my focus into supporting individual growth and understandings in order to go beyond fears, limitations and non-serving beliefs to bring about a deep sense of healing, self fulfillment and knowledge, empowerment and concrete life changes. I always say, I support you. But you do the work. Your success depends solely on you and your commitment to this process. 

The deeper and more honest you approach this integration, the greater the impact. Additionally, this dedication supports your adoption of the tools we use in our work for your future growth. 

I adore empowering sensitive souls determined to drive to the next level. Making the unconscious conscious; powering up those creative strengths to soar into the next abundant arena. Trading resistance, distraction and exhaustion for strength and resilience.  

Working with Me

I work with people in several different arenas.  Some prefer one on one sessions. A three session minimum is what I have found to be the most advantageous. Initial consultations are always free to see if we make a good team prior to scheduling any sessions.

Every Monday at 8:30 CDT, myself and Angela Coulter present a live conversation about issues of consciousness shifting and the bigger spiritual picture. We broadcast live on Facebook via the Ascended World page but it is recorded and available for replay on Podbean. We always end with a meditation and energy clearing. There are hundreds of conversations available for replay.

Additionally, through the Ascended World Academy, we offer amazing classes that support your personal expansion and growth. Classes that offer a huge personal impact through bite sized elements. Our current grouping of courses is under the title of ONEderland – It’s not what you think!

Join Us in ONEderland! from Ascended World on Vimeo.


Ascended World Podcast

Join me and Angela Coulter on our weekly discussions focused on flowing through all of the consciousness shifting and the much bigger spiritual picture. We discuss personal experiences, challenges and goals for creation as well as how to incorporate each new concept and understanding into our personal growth. Which always translates into the collective level and then filters back to each individual's journey. We conclude each broadcast with a collective meditation geared for every listener.

Ascended Academy

If you prefer a self-paced online experience, check out all the courses available on the Ascended Academy. We recently launched a new program called ONDerland - It's not what you think! We offer 7 individual classes each with 28 elements focusing in the areas of Worthiness, Trust, Guidance/Hidden Messages, Forgiveness, Self-Responsibility, The Shadow and Self-Love/Nourishment. Each class is powerful in itself but we are also offering special bundle pricing for all 7!

Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.

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