Living Choices

Everything is a choice.

Everyday I made choices about who and what I am and how I feel and think about who and what I am. Did I even realize I was choosing? Nine times out of ten, no, I didn’t until recently, when I chose to start noticing. I made a conscious decision to reclaim my decisions. I realized I was feasting at the banquet of consequences, so why should I remain unconscious of preparing the feast? I saw myself hoping things would turn out like I wanted or wished things were different. Totally giving my power of creation away to anyone or anything slightly more focused than myself. Yuck and uh, No!

This refocus allowed me to really see just how many decisions, creations, I made, or not, each day. I was speechless and sad at how small I saw myself that I wasn’t even willing to step up and claim my own well being through choices. Everything is a

choice. EVERYTHING! I now exert MY choices on MY life. I now choose to sleep well and wake up refreshed no matter many minutes my eyes were closed. I now choose to be dis ease and pain free. I now choose to honor and respect all of myself. I believer that is the true nature of the Phrase I Am. I choose to all that I Am.

I think this is the most valuable gift you can offer someone – the gift of choice. I used to believe I was a progressive parent in teaching my, now grown, children how to manage life. But I was falling so short in teaching them how to empower themselves through their choices. It is the same for family and friends. It is empowerment through choices instead of rescues and shelter. I overheard a friend explain how yoga becomes easy when you “stack the bones”. The balance is just there. I believe the same is true with choices. Your choices become the bones and the rest aligns with them. So see with what your choices are aligning!

“…if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice…”
-Freewill by Rush 1980

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